On Transition (and Nostalgia)


  • “Life changes in the instant. The ordinary instant.” ~  Joan Didion, The Year of Magical Thinking
  • “What remains of your past if you didn’t allow yourself to feel it when it happened? If you don’t have your experiences in the moment, if you gloss them over with jokes or zoom past them, you end up with curiously dispassionate memories.”  ~ David Rakoff, Fraud
  • “I have missed you. I do miss you. I shall miss you.” ~  Virginia Woolf, from Selected Letters

  • “The past beats inside me like a second heart.”  ~ John Banville, The Sea

  • “Memories, even your most precious ones, fade surprisingly quickly. But I don’t go along with that. The memories I value most, I don’t ever see them fading.” ~  Kazuo Ishiguro, Never Let Me Go

  • “Nostalgia in reverse, the longing for yet another strange land, grew especially strong in spring.” ~  Vladimir Nabokov, Mary

  • “Memory fades, memory adjusts, memory conforms to what we think we remember.”  ~ Joan Didion, Blue Nights

  • “We are all strangers in a strange land, longing for home, but not quite knowing what or where home is. We glimpse it sometimes in our dreams, or as we turn a corner, and suddenly there is a strange, sweet familiarity that vanishes almost as soon as it comes.” ~ Madeleine L’Engle, The Rock That is Higher: Story as Truth
  • “Memory believes before knowing remembers.”  ~ William Faulkner, Light in August

  • “We don’t belong to each other. We just took up one day by the river. I don’t want to own anything until I find a place where me and things go together. I’m not sure where that is but I know what it is like. It’s like Tiffany’s.” ~  Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s
  • “He doesn’t know which is worse, a past he can’t regain or a present that will destroy him if he looks at it too clearly. Then there’s the future. Sheer vertigo.” ~  Margaret Atwood, Oryx and Crake

  • “There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind.”  ~ C.S. Lewis




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