“Every man carries with him through life a mirror, as unique and impossible to get rid of as his shadow.” 

― W.H. Auden, The Dyer’s Hand 

Photograph:  © StephiaMadelyne

Steve Daschiel Series ~ Brooklyn, NY

4 thoughts on “Mirror

  1. Such a compelling interplay between the text and the image/ within some sinewy past and present/ in some forgotten physical corner. Quite evocative and full of a sense of touch. I have an impression of some lost place, something like the Czar’s summer home (?) and wonder why. Enjoy this beautiful essay very much.

  2. Steven ~ your wonderful comments keep me going some days; Thank You! This was taken in quite the forgotten corner – the dark overcrowded, neglected basement of an old brownstone in Brooklyn that belonged to a friend. The objects piled around fascinated me and I spent one evening down their just photographing the strange collection using various lights (often just a flashlight). A dusty museum quality, the storage of a children’s museum, or one of those odd little dank curiosity shops one can find. Not quite ‘antique stores’ – something else… It could have been anywhere. Grey Gardens, perhaps….

  3. thanks Stephia. very much. I was concerned I had been intrusive with my interpretation. But your words are like a light. Yes, such an archival ‘uncatalogued’ feeling you captured. The idea of working in a neglected basement dredges up all sorts of associations which you have so wonderfully shown. I really felt like you were showing us a glimpse of somebody’s forgotten history. Or moments, out of order, finding themselves inexplicably mashed together. thank you for these posts.

  4. Oh Steven ~ never intrusive, always a pleasure! What is an image without what the viewer can ‘fill’ in… interpret, add on to, illuminate? I intend this… because my reality is different from yours, no? Even barring the fact that I created these so to speak, for my reasons. With my intent, and with my bias. You will perhaps see them differently and I so value your interpretation and your poetic words quite highly! It means that maybe I struck a chord somewhere or somehow, or made you pause at least and see things just a bit differently? That is the basic theme of all my work… That ‘pause,’ And so, well you see – your comments mean the world to me, as I’ve written before. Especially such insightful, thoughtful, and poetic ones, as yours always are. Thank you.

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