5 thoughts on “Aristotle

  1. Interesting you would post this. My entire life is made up of pain. I’m in pain 24/7. What people don’t know about me is that I’m sick…….and in pain…..most of the time. And I’m learning.

    • I am so sorry to hear that Meriee and I wish you the very best… I hope this post helped lift your spirits however – for I do believe it be true. Pain, in all it’s shapes and sizes, seems to be the best teacher (at least I’ve found it to be so) – one of life’s cruel little jokes perhaps… However, I do hope very much that you find relief and respite and healing xox

      • Thank you so much. Yes, it’s very true. Sometimes being placed inside specific barriers forces one to be creative in different and new ways. I have learned to maneuver around mine.. and am still learning.

      • You put this so beautifully and I truly admire your strength. I recently had an interesting encounter. My Dentist’s wife suffers from MS and over the years she has lost more and more of her mobility, including the complete use of her right (dominant) hand. However, she has taken to making beautiful collages using her left hand and she stressed to me how this creative work keeps her going – keeps her spirit alive. She gave me one of her works not too long ago, for my baby daughter… and I was so touched. Because while I don’t have MS I do have other difficulties I too am trying to overcome and it is creative work – in any form – that keeps me going. Honestly and truly. It is incredible and inspiring to me when people, like yourself, and like this woman, share tidbits of their stories with me – we keep each other inspired maybe? We know that we are not alone? I truly truly to wish you the very best and keep maneuvering… I know you will succeed.

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