Mamita e Bambina

photo 2© StephiaMadelyne

Baby Reya dressed in a Coco Chanel inspired French Sailor shirt with matching socks.  I find it interesting that (in upstate New York at least) this gender-tags my daughter a ‘boy’ – though a ‘handsome’ one (of course!)…  Because of the the blue I imagine.  This became quite amusing as the day went on, especially when one woman, who insisted on using ‘he,’ was wearing a nearly identical shirt…  I give you that babies do look wonderfully genderless for some time, but does this mean that while dressing my little girl I should be keeping gender specific markers in mind, so as to avoid confusion?  This is far from a new thing, but I still find it interesting to observe…  Still, Reya and I both love that shirt ~ it’s here to stay.

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