4 thoughts on “Water Cuts Through

  1. Is Joshua’s restaurant still in Woodstock. We always loved eating there. Also, a few stores away, I always bought lots of earrings…the store sold jewelry boxes, jewelry, small, but very unusual stuff and earrings so reasonable.

    • Not only is Joshua’s still there, but I used to work there back in the day (I know the owner, Stephanie). They are still booming. As for the store, do you mean Jean Turmo’s? I can’t think of another one that fits this description off hand, but then stores do seem to come and go often in Woodstock. Also, I have been in Brooklyn for so long I rather lost track! (Though Walkabout is still around, and I do love that shop…) xox

  2. Walkabout is kind of an odd shop – all sorts of things. Perhaps you are thinking of Pegasus? And I know the jewelry store, I think… though I can’t recall the name for the life of me. It is a small world!

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