“Golden Oldie” by Rita Dove

1002924_10153186091095296_1225824725_n“Golden Oldie” by Rita Dove

I made it home early, only to get 
stalled in the driveway-swaying 
at the wheel like a blind pianist caught in a tune 
meant for more than two hands playing. 
The words were easy, crooned 
by a young girl dying to feel alive, to discover 
a pain majestic enough 
to live by. I turned the air conditioning off, 
leaned back to float on a film of sweat, 
and listened to her sentiment: 
Baby, where did our love go?-a lament 
I greedily took in 
without a clue who my lover 
might be, or where to start looking. 

~ Former U.S. Poet Laureate ~

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